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Client Testimonials

"CJ is great! her accounting for us has been flawless. She continues to help us sharpen our thining as small business owners. More than just a service provider, CJ is a source of encouragement in tough times"

KN, San Francisco

"CJ's knowledge and expertise with business finance and tax matters has been applied at our firm to provide many solutions, both short term and strategic. Cj's positive and forward thinking perspective is essential to keeping our business on track and working through the various challenges we confront. Though CJ's background and credentials are financial, I find her support in all aspects of business vital to our success"

TP, Larkspur, CA

"CJ completed my non-profit's Form 990 for the past five years and has patiently walked me through the IRS questions and sometimes odd language with clear explanations and real life examples. She has a systematic way of clarifying reporting irregularities or unknowns, so nothing gets overlooked prior to submittal. She is a fountain of information and provides documentation for her answeres any time I have a new accounting question. CJ's financial knowledge, integrity, thoroughness and follow through are impressive."

KB, Fairfax, CA

"I have hired CJ for the past 5+ years for my tax returns.I have recommended CJ to numerous friends and family based on her excellent work. CJ is an expert in her field and I look forward to working with her in the years to come."

MV, Tiburon, CA

"I know CJ very well on a personal level in addition to her being my tax advisor. CJ is a very intelligent and creative thinker who brings 100% integrity to anything she undertakes. I knew I woudl reap benefits from her professional expertise as she is such a professional who is always dedicated to the best interests of her clients and to keeping her own saw sharpened in the industry. CJ's problem-solving business smarts and personable style make her a real asset-whether to an individual, small business or corporation."

LW, Sonoma CA

"CJ and her team have played a vital role in the development of our company. She not only provides expertise in the field of accounting, but counsel, problem solving and strategic direction. I use CJ as a personal accountant, our company uses her bookkeeping and accounting services. When I need strategic counsel, my first call is to CJ who not only understands accounting but has an incredible business acumen."

KM, San Francisco

"I highly recommend CJ's work as a CPA. She has helped me with both my business and personal taxes for the last five years and I have been consistently impressed with her abilities and insights."

AN, San Francisco

"Experienced, smart, creative, ethical, responsive. CJ has helped us navigate some complex tax situations for our business and has been a pleasure to work with every step of the way. She is an incredible asset to any business owner."

PS, Mill Valley, CA

"Hard to pick only three attributes to CJ because she really has it all. I've hired her to run the tax and accounting for two different small companies and in all cases she did an excellent job. CJ has excellent "business smarts" which will help you save money and run a clean set of tax and accounting books which would pass audit muster should the need arrive. I highly recommend CJ!"

CG, San Francisco, CA