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2015 income tax filing season

Posted by CJ Spady, CPA Posted on Jan 05 2015
Happy 2015 to everyone. We just announced our tax filing important dates to our 1040 individual income tax return clients to help us manage the busy season ahead.  We hope that everyone had a great 2014 and that 2015 is incredibly prosperous!

Posted by Admin Posted on Dec 12 2014

2013 Taxes: what to look out for

Posted by CJ Spady Posted on July 23 2013

At the beginning of 2013, new tax laws were implemented at the federal level (we'll address California tax issues in another blog). There were some substantial changes. Whether these new tax laws will impact your tax situation is completely dependent on your personal tax circumstances, so we will touch on a few key items that will be impacting our clients to give you a little food for thought.

Unearned income: 3.8% tax may be added on top of everything else you are paying. When might that happen? If you have unearned income (dividends, interest and other investments within which you don't materially participate) and your adjusted gross income (AGI) exceeds $200k (if you are single) or $250k (if you file married filing joint). I'll refer to these AGI thresholds again, so I'll just refer to them as AGI thresholds later.

Earned income: 0.9% on earned income when your AGI exceeds the AGI thresholds (mentioned above). What is earned income? Income on your W2 and net income from self employment.

Why the 3.8% and the 0.9%? Seems like odd percentages, huh? There is some logic to these %. This tax is being used, supposedly, to fund the Obama Care act. So, the tax is based on the medicare tax that we all pay now. If you have earned income, you are paying medicare tax on your current earnings. Between you and your employer, the total medicare tax paid on your compensation is 2.9%. So, if you add 0.9% to this medicare tax, you arrive at 3.8%. So, the 0.9% tax "trues up" medicare tax to the higher income folks to 3.8%. And then, because unearned income was previously not subject to medicare tax, the new law now imposes a medicare tax on income formerly not subject to this tax at the full 3.8% level.

Is your head spinning yet? We are just getting started......we'll be posting more blogs on other tax topics that are new or adjusted in 2013 in the days ahead.

How do you figure out if this impacts you? That's what we are here for. Just send us an email or give us a call to schedule an appointment.

AMT is a tax concern again in 2012

Posted by CJ Spady Posted on Feb 16 2012

We haven't heard about this for a while because of the 2 year Bush era tax extensions that occurred in 2009, but AMT concerns are back. What's AMT? Alternative Minimum Tax. Find that confusing? You are not alone! Many of us in the tax profession find it a complication that doesn't make sense anymore.

Why is it an issue in 2012?  AMT is a "overlay" tax system.  Meaning, once you calculate your regular tax return, then you calculate Alternative Minimum Tax.  The original purpose a long time ago was to make sure the "rich" were paying their fair share of taxes.  But what happens now is families making anywhere between $100k and $250k in the bay area, end up being subject to AMT.  Unfortunately, if you have a family, that's what you need to survive in the Bay Area--that doesn't mean you are rich by any stretch of the imagination!  So its a real problem--the purpose of the system is not being realized and the law needs to be changed.  A typical family may find that the difference between regular tax and AMT tax could be as much as $7k (or more!)  Yes, thats $7k more in tax in 2012 even if nothing significantly changed in your life from 2011.  This is a simple shift in the law back to "old" rules.  But the unfortunate reality is that its the current law.

Historically, congress has implemented a change at the end of each year so that AMT doesn't revert like that to "old" rules and the $7k additional tax basically disappears.  But its an election year.  And everyone knows that election years can be unpredictable.  So in the meantime, the law says that families in the Bay Area might owe this additional tax......but then history tells us that congress will move at the last minute to change it....but maybe they will, maybe they won't.  Its a mess.

Here is why we are nervous about this:  If you aren't prepared for the possible additional tax hit and the law isn't changed, then come April 15th of 2013 (or before) you'll have a nasty surprise.  Most families don't have this extra $7k around to give to the we need to be aware of this uncertainty in the tax law.

What can you do about it?  When you are having your taxes prepared, do make sure you estimate what your 2012 tax burden will be. By doing that you will be using your own facts and circumstances and you can find out if you might have this problem.  If you do find that you are in the AMT "sweet spot", then you can plan for this uncertainty with the benefit of most of 2012 ahead of you. 

Best to be informed than surprised!  We'll be looking at this for our clients this year for sure.  If you need help with your taxes, we are here to help. 

This blog is generated to communicate topics in a general nature. Each person and business is unique in its situation, facts and circumstances. So nothing in this blog should be taken to be advice that you can specifically rely on without further research into how it applies to you. In otherwords, we'll be giving you ideas--not specific tax advice.