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Corporate returns are due March 15

Posted by CJ Spady Posted on Mar 04 2012

If you are one of many self employed business folks in Marin County, you might have incorporated your business. If so, your 2011 corporate income tax filing deadline is just around the corner, March 15, 2012. If you aren't ready with your 2011 information, this deadline is easy to manage and extend if you are an S Corporation. If you are a regular corporation, then things get a little more difficult.

The penalties for not filing these returns (or extending) timely are getting more expensive and more aggressively enforced. So if you fall into this category and are not sure, its a good time to check in to make sure things are in order to handle the deadline.

Also, the deadline for paying the first estimated income tax voucher for corporations is April 17, 2012. Many will simply need to pay the minimum $800. If your S Corp has profits of more than $60k, then the estimated payments will continue for the year and possibly be more than $800 on April 17th.

Of course, if you need help in this areana, feel free to give us a ring!

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